Spring Break 2K16

On my spring break, I went to Washington, D.C. I got to go with my best friend and some other kids. We saw so much! I think my favorite was Arlington. I have military family and  seeing all of that, I broke down in tears. We watched as 2 of our students layed the wreath down with the guards. They take 21 steps when they walk. 21 is a special number in the military because of the year 1875. 1+8=9. 9+7=16. 16+5=21. They use 21 for the “21 Gun Salute” that personally I have heard. A family member of mine passed and he had the 21 guns at his service and everyone talks about how they want to hear it, but actually you never do. I mean it’s a sign of bravery and courage and respect, but knowing that another hero’s home, and not home with you, is a scary thing to think about. Arlington is a beautiful place that everyone should see someday. It’s peaceful and silent usually.  While at Arlington, we saw a funeral. They had the horses, soldiers, casket with the flag, and people. The thing I noticed was the riderless horse and from seeing that in person, means that the soldier died in battle. 

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