College Visits

Yesterday, I went to a college with some other people from my grade. We went to Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg, Iowa. It was fun. I think it’s a great school to go to for auto mechanics. I was very surprised at how easy the lifestyle is there. Everyone just gets through the day so easy with no trouble it seemed. I didn’t really have a favorite part on the trip. We saw so much! We walked into this room called Childhood Development, and that was where you would learn how to take care of a child from birth until age 8. I though it was kinda cool because of the experiments they had. The lady used corn starch, food coloring, and water. It was literally a solidquid. I dipped my hand in it and it stuck to my hand. As I let my hand out, it just dripped and was a liquid, but you could grab it as a solid. It was so cool. I personally wouldn’t go to this college though, because it seems so small and not somewhere I would enjoy being. It was a good college don’t get me wrong but it just wasn’t something I would enjoy.logo.gif (428×131)

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